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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentines Day Musical Fun!

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

A musical toy from Little Kids Instruments is the perfect gift idea for your little one this Valentines Day! Music is an essential part of us. It gives joy, connection and togetherness. Enjoying music together helps you and your child to bond. What a perfect gift to give your little one this holiday season!

Little Kids Instruments has a wonderful Valentines Day Promotion that they are offering until 2/14/13. All orders over $50 are coming with a FREE Valentines Day gift surprise! How's that for a deal!!

You can also find a fun array of Musical Toys perfect for your little one this Valentines Day.  Below you will find some great gift ideas and top Valentines Day gifts. 

The Pink Twinkle Star Violin is an excellent choice for your little budding musician. 

Pink Twinkle Star Violin
This innovative Pink 'Twinkle Star' violin was created by a Juilliard trained musician and visionary, and is specifically geared to ignite your child's imagination. 

This Children's Toy Piano is a great way to get your child interested in music. 

Red Toy Piano
Comes complete with color note chart! Our exclusive singular song sheets stand easily on the music rack. No more struggling with trying to keep the book pages open as you play.

Kids Maracas are a fun gift idea for kids of all ages.

Brightly colored maracas have extra filling for loud, authentic sound. Perfect for group play.

A Train Whistle Set is such a unique Valentines Day Gift!
All aboard for great fun! This realistic sounding four-tone train whistle allows children to play the part of a real engineer.

Instead of Valentine's candy up the wazoo how about a Kazoo?
The Kazoo is Fun & Easy to play.Great gift idea for Valentines Day.Plastic Kazoo comes in assorted colors. Made of safe and sturdy polypropylene.

Other Great Children's Valentines Day Gift Ideas

15 Note 2 Octave Wood Xylophone
Kids learn to play by Color with this beautiful, 2 octave, solid Wooden Xylophone.
8 Note Bell Set
8-note bell set produces incredible crystal clear musical scale in (C to C). Bells are brightly painted with the name of note on each handle
Animal Jingle Bell
Animal-shaped jingle bells in assorted colors.
Baby Band
Creative Child Magazine Top Toy of the Year award. Your child will love shaking and rocking with the Baby Band.
Black Mini-Electric Guitar Package
This Mini-Electric Guitar set features everything you need to get started! The set includes: RMS mini amplifier, Guitar pick, Guitar strap, 10 inch Guitar cable, and full color packaging.
Clatter Pillar
Gentle hand motions creates waves of color and clattering with this exotic rhythm instrument.